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Why Harcourts?

From Our Managing Director:


At Harcourts we have a simple philosophy –

We create success. 


Everyone who comes in contact with our organization must be more successful for that interaction. We are committed to helping people achieve their dreams and goals. 

This starts with the success of our team. Companies don’t succeed, people do and that is why we focus on the success of each and every member of Team Harcourts. We know that in order for us to achieve our goals as an organization, we must help our team achieve theirs. That is why we focus on providing our people with cutting-edge technology, world-class marketing, and industry-leading training and coaching through the Harcourts Academy, and the systems, support and leadership to be the most dynamic team within our industry. 

Of equal importance is the satisfaction of our clients. Harcourts is one team with one focus – to create and deliver a superb client experience. Not only is this the most rewarding way to do business, it also ensures our clients use us again, and recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues. 

I wish to personally extend an invitation to you to find out just how Harcourts can support and assist you with the next stage of your career. There is no better choice to secure your future and be a part of a team that is focused on your success. There truly are unlimited opportunities with us!


Mike Green

Managing Director, Harcourts International




Greatness is within you. It’s within all of us. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? You need a team of like-minds and a brand you can trust. At Harcourts, we’re serious about creating success. This is how we do it.





Happy agents = Successful agents. 

Successful agents = Inspire and motivate. 

Inspiration and Motivation = Better results. 


It is not a fancy formula, but it works! And we work extra hard to create a culture people want to be a part of. 

But don’t ask us…. Next time you see a Harcourts agent in your area, ask them why they bleed Harcourts blue. Just be prepared for a laundry list of reasons our agents are excited to be part of this organization (you might want to grab a cup of coffee). 


Fun and Laughter is one of our core values, and we believe it comes from the top, down. 


It is our mission to incorporate fun into every aspect of the business. It’s important to us that our people—the ones who make buying and selling homes for our clients enjoyable—really love what they do. 


Everyone is on their own path to success. Why not surround yourself with like minds who remind you to have fun along the journey?








Non-distressed homes. Enhanced seller options. Complete buyer transparency. Auction creates conversation. It’s about time the USA grabbed a hold of this! Our friends down under have been loving this method for 130 years. 


Harcourts Auctions is changing the game. We’re giving our agents and our clients a clear point of difference, generating more listings, seeing faster results, and driving higher sales. 


The facts speak for themselves: 

Over 1,000 Auction listings in Southern California with 93% selling in 24 days 

58% of Auction properties were expired listings 

42% new-to-market listings ; 0% were distressed, foreclosure or REO 

Receive 49% more showings than traditional listings 

Average of 102 showings per property 







Real support makes all the difference. 

We understand your role involves many moving parts; your plate is full. 

Lucky for you, juggling is our jam. Think of us as your extra hands - creating, 

training, leading, and innovating for you, so you can focus on the end game. 


We’re handling the minutia, you set your sight on your target: 

Annual Business Leaders Conference 

Emphasis on strategies to increase profitability 

Technology suite with training 

Strategic vendor partnerships 

Leadership workshops and business planning 

Harcourts Academy development courses 

New agent induction packages 

Recognition programs 

Property, agent, and recruitment focused marketing campaigns 


Remember why you started? To make a profit. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help! We don’t blame you one bit.







When we say we love our people, we mean it. We really love our people. We believe we have a powerful influence - That success doesn’t stop at us. The communities we live in are our lifeblood. If they don’t flourish, we don’t flourish. 


In 2008 we launched the Harcourts Foundation, a 100% not-for-profit foundation with one purpose: To give back to the communities we serve. 


Over $5 Million donated back to local communities 

More than 850 checks given to 686 recipients 

Numerous fundraising events held in over 300 locations worldwide 

Agents in more than 260 offices donate a percentage of every property sale 

Designated Ambassadors in every country 


Our National Board of Directors, Harcourts Foundation Coordinator, Accountant, and Regional Ambassadors all donate their time and expertise, meaning 100% of all funds raised go directly to the charities where they are needed most. Now that is something to feel warm and fuzzy about. 



We’re expanding. It is happening quickly, organically, and strategically.  With USA growth as the #1 priority for Harcourts International and office expansion efforts on fire, we can help you accomplish your next big business goal of becoming a business owner. 


Recent awesomeness: 

Growth across 5 states in 3 years, with laser focus on the West Coast 

In 2017 alone, we nearly doubled our agent count in the USA 

Opened 15 new offices in 12 months 


“Harcourts International has a number of focus areas in the next 3-5 years, however North America remains our number one priority. While growth has been strong, especially around our Auction platform, we are only just scratching the surface. The entire attention of our Group is focused on taking our North American business to the next level.” - Mike Green, Harcourts International Managing Director 


The last time we even thought about slowing down… well, we can’t remember. Join us – this is what world domination (or something like that) looks like. 







We want people who want to grow with us. We are focused on the success of our people and we stand firmly in our values: 


People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous, Fun and Laughter 


These are the words we live by. We take them seriously. Our purpose is to create success. Everyone who comes into contact with a Harcourts team member, whether the interaction be with a colleague, business partner, delivery driver or client, our vision is to create the finest experience. 


Our four values lead this behavior. So we’re serious when we say we’re looking for people with an awesome attitude and an uber strong sense of integrity and morale. It’s also no surprise we’re looking for owners and managers who see the importance in taking their business to the next level. 


We’re driven. We’re moving fast. We’re building a team of superstars. 




We like to consider our brand our greatest masterpiece. It’s evolved into a sweet combination of culture, values, experience, reputation and creativity. We’re pretty happy with it. So happy in fact, we just can’t keep it to ourselves. 


We’re painting real estate blue and making ourselves known through: 

Dedicated in-house public relations team 

Live video syndication for auctions, events, and trainings 

Automated newsletters and campaigns targeting agent spheres 

Powerful personal and property marketing tools 

Vivid imagery, video testimonials, and engaging content for social media 


Since 1888, we’ve worked hard to develop a brand that goes beyond the logo. You could say, we’ve earned our stripes. We’ve set a goal to share with the world who we are, what we do differently, and how far we’ve come. 


Stay tuned, our masterpiece is just getting started.







It’s pretty simple. If you’re not growing, we’re not growing. Your growth is a top priority of ours. Our strategies and recruitment initiatives are tailored to your goals. Think customizable marketing templates, weekly accountability efforts, daily action scoreboards, CEO involvement with top prospects, scripts and dialogues, the list goes on! Not to mention, our Auction platform is a clear differentiator in the industry, and another reason for agents to join us. 


“The Harcourts Recruiting Campaign was the catalyst for my exponential growth. Having amazing marketing, real targets and real accountabilities by way of a weekly call with CEO Rob Forde “holding my feet to the flame” made all the difference in the world. With a luxury brand such as Harcourts, and utilizing the success of our Auction Platform, these things coupled with the training and encouragement given by the corporate team, it emboldened me to spout my “elevator speech” to every agent I met. It’s truly a numbers game, the more you share your excitement for this awesome team you have, the more people become aware of it, and the easier it is to bring agents aboard.” 

- Greg Babakhanian, Owner, Harcourts Signature Properties



Recognition works. It is amazing what people achieve when they feel valued. Competition works. There is nothing more motivating than being number one in the world. As simple as it is, we know powerful validation has the power to drive productivity through the roof. That’s why we take recognition so seriously. 


Focus your efforts on bringing home the results! We take care of the fun stuff: 

Monthly performance recognition and CEO acknowledgment 

Quarterly regional awards 

Annual National Conference  in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa 

Global sales recognition 

Two International Hall of Fame inductees every year 

Bi-Annual recruitment campaign contests and prizes 

Rising Star and Office Administrator recognition programs 


Celebrating the success of our team is an integral part of Harcourts. 

It reflects our values and drives success. 



Ultra Connected? Check. 

Fully Integrated? Streamlined? Cutting Edge? Mobile Apps? All of the above. 

Continuous Training Included? Yup. 


Most importantly, our technology solution was designed to help you increase 

efficiency, so you can focus your time on facilitating more transactions. 

We’re not into fumbling around with fancy, complicated programs. 

Our cutting-edge contact management system syncs to our mobile-responsive websites, award-winning apps, digital listing presentations and open house registries. Designed to take your CRM and back office on-the-go. 


Even Apple™ thinks we’re awesome. Our mobile apps were profiled by Apple™ in 2015 as market-leading technology. We are the ONLY global agency to achieve that recognition. 


Get out there and meet new clients. We are doing the work on the back end for you. 



We have come a long way (literally, all the way from New Zealand) since 1888. Fast-forward 130 years and 10 countries later – Our global reach provides the benefits of a wide referral and marketing network, as well as the expertise of local professionals. 


Our global network is at your fingertips: 

We’re comprised of over 10,000 team members in 843 offices worldwide 

In 2017, total property sales exceeded $36 billion 

Every 10 minutes someone buys a property with Harcourts 

Over $3 million of residential, commercial and rural property is sold every hour 

Online, our properties receive an average of 4.2 million views weekly


Our local network is growing quickly: 

In 2017, our agent count grew 44.3% 

In 2017, production increased 22% 

We’ve listed over 1,000 auctions (all non-distressed) in the USA alone 


We’re global, we’re local, and we’re ready for you.



It’s epic. Our award winning Harcourts Academy conducts more than 1,300 training programs each year – Transferring know-how, hands-on skills and motivation to more than 11,500 attendees. 


- Online video library with thousands of videos and training topics 

- Weekly sales and best practices workshops 

- Expert panels from agents in each market 

- Business partner seminars 

- One-to-one with mentors, owners and the corporate team 

- Leadership and business planning courses 

- Auction Accreditation program 

- Social media, digital advertising and technology classes 

- Office administrator programs 


Knowledge is power. It recruits, it develops, it retains. 

We Want to Meet You!


We're Growing and We Want You to Be a Part of It! 


Check out our Locations to find a Harcourts near you.


If you are interested in learning more about the Harcourts group,

feel free to contact us below for a confidential chat:


949-353-7986 | yourfuture@harcourtsusa.com



What Our Team Says About Us


"As an owner of my own brokerage since 2004, I have been courted by other franchises for years. I stayed independent because I never really saw the value in joining a franchise. Harcourts was the turn-key solution that I was looking for to increase our business. The training, accountability with agents, recruiting... It was all there and ready to go. With 2012 as our full first year ass Harcourts Prime Properties, my company's average monthly gross commission income went from $300,000 per month to over $900,000 a month. One of our most impressive numbers for recruits is that between our 140+ agents, we average 2.1 transactions per agent per month. Those numbers are possible because of Harcourts."

Kevin Sanchez - Owner - Harcourts Prime Properties - Aliso Viejo, CA



"The superior technology that Harcourts offers allows me to run my business effectively. As a REALTOR, The Harcourts One system empowers me as a business owner. By having a business management system in place, I can stay on task and stay consistent in working with my database."

Justin Brennan - Top Sales REALTOR® - Harcourts Prestige Properties - La Jolla, CA



"I've been in real estate since 1990 and have worked for several franchises. Since I joined Harcourts in 2011, I have noticed a huge difference between Harcourts and other franchises. Whether it's a brand new agent, the Harcourts USA Corporate staff, or even the International Managing Director Mike Green... every member lives by our core values and does what's right. Harcourts isn't a franchise that takes the business owners money and provides no value. Right from the start a business plan was created and I've had a team helping me grow my company. I'm a small boutique office with the support of an international company. It's the best of both worlds."


Chrissie Carr - Owner - Harcourt Advantage - Carlsbad, CA



"As a brand new REALTOR, it was extremely important that I aligned myself with the right company. I love the guidance, training, and accountability that Harcourts has provided to me. It really speaks volumes that a top level producer is my mentor and accountability partner... And my results are evidence that all the training, hard work and accountability is paying off."

Brandon Small - REALTOR®, Harcourts Prime Properties - Monarch Beach, CA |  2012 First Year in Real Estate




A glimpse into what Harcourts means to franchise owners around the world.